Required Participating Contractor Onboarding Training


  • TECH Clean California Overview
  • IRIS Incentive Processing
  • TECH HPWH Load Shifting Training
  • TECH Multifamily Overview and Incentive Process – Coming Soon


  • On Demand

Training Providers:

  • Energy Solutions
  • Frontier Energy


These courses provide a foundational overview of TECH Clean California, information about the incentive submittal process and participation in TECH Clean California initiatives.

Take the courses that are applicable to your company and that are advised by your TECH Account Manager to complete enrollment. The target audience and description for each course is listed below.

Required for ALL TECH enrolled Contractors:

  • TECH Clean California Overview
    This course provides a general overview of the TECH Clean California initiative
  • IRIS Incentive Processing
    This course provides a high-level overview of the eligibility requirements for TECH Clean California, a step-by-step walkthrough of the application portal (aka “IRIS”), and a quick demo of IRIS

Required for Bay Area Contractors Installing HPWHs:

  • TECH HPWH Load Shifting Training
    This course provides information about additional HPWH incentives TECH Clean California is offering to contractors in the Bay Area for installing mixing valves and enrolling the customers in WatterSaver, a Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) load shifting program

Required for Multifamily Contractors:

  • TECH Multifamily Overview and Incentive Process – Coming soon
    This course provides information about TECH Clean California multifamily incentives, the reservation process and how to participate and the multifamily incentive claim process

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