Stovetop technology has come a long way to bring you a trifecta of precision, efficiency and safety

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The Kitchen of the Future, Now

  • All-electric kitchens make homes cleaner, safer, healthier, and more sustainable.
  • Begin the transition by following the Electric Kitchens Checklist (PDF).
  • Induction cooking is the heart of the electric kitchen of the future. Learn all about induction with the Guide to Induction Cooking (PDF).
  • Get hands-on experience with induction before you make the switch. Find an induction cooktop lending program available to you.
  • Ready to make the switch? Find a contractor to take advantage of the incentives in your area.
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The benefits of induction

Super Powerful

Induction can deliver high heat fast and boil water in half the time as gas

Fast & Responsive

Temperatures can be raised and lowered almost instantly

Easy to Clean

Induction stoves have a smooth, easy to wipe clean ceramic glass surface

Accurate Controls

Precise temperatures can be set and maintained for accurate cooking


No more indoor air pollution from combustion and fewer safety risks from open flames

Energy Efficient

Induction is 85-90% energy efficient and can be powered by renewable energy, unlike gas stoves