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Ambassadors are the eyes, ears, and voice of the Switch is On in their community.

Be a community ambassador

for climate change solutions

By volunteering as an Ambassador, you’ll get training and resources to help your neighbors improve their health through home electrification..

Becoming an Ambassador gives you:

  • Monthly opportunities to virtually connect with other Ambassadors 
  • Incentive and rebate updates for electric home appliances 
  • Opportunities to attend events and educate your community
  • The chance to speak about the benefits of electrification to media outlets Yard signs, handouts, bumper stickers, magnets, and T-shirts (Contact us to request your swag)
  • Opportunities to have SIO support your current involvement with other environmental organizations 
  • A $150 Visa gift card for each meal party you host featuring induction cooking

Do you need The Switch Is On collateral? Click here for SIO swag, flyers, or informational brochures!

How it works

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Resource downloads

Benefits of Electrification Handout

English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese

Electrification 101


Space Heating & Cooling

English, Spanish, Vietnamese

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