Kitchen Electrification for Renters

Healthy, All-electric Kitchens! Renter Edition

If you’re a renter who has a gas stove, you may be wondering how you can make the switch to healthier, energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

Unfortunately, as a renter, you may face some additional barriers that homeowners don’t have to worry about, such as not being able to change your appliances or make electrical improvements to your home. Despite this, electrifying your kitchen is still possible!

Bring the kitchen to the countertops

Portable countertop cooking options for the kitchen are available for everything we do in the kitchen. They can deliver the dishes we know and love without the health risks of cooking with gas.

Countertop induction 101

Induction hobs can be placed on top of your existing gas stove to keep your countertops clear. To make cleanup easier, you can place something non-flammable and flat under the cooktop like a large baking tray or silicon mat to make the cooktop more stable and avoid dirtying difficult to clean metal grates. For added safety, some may choose to unplug the gas stove, switch off the gas line to the stove, or remove the nobs to avoid accidentally turning it on while cooking.

Induction hobs live comfortably on kitchen counters among the full suite of modern electric appliances like water kettles, microwaves, and more.

Programs available to renters

Many local governments and utilities offer rebate and induction hob lending programs to give interested residents an opportunity to try induction before they buy it. These programs are available to renters.

Talk to your building owner

Although not a route everyone may feel comfortable or be able to take, consider asking your landlord or property manager to electrify. If your gas stove is old and in need of replacement soon, this may be easier to do. Consider telling the story of why electrifying kitchens is important including: