Residential California landscape

Each month the Spotlight Series highlights an SIO partner, program, or ambassador’s hard work for a clean, electrified community.

Why electrify your home? Sustainable design architect and Switch Is On ambassador Avideh Haghighi helps answer this question in Spectrum 1 News video about her mission to electrify ZEROHOUZ, her own 100-year old Californian home.


ZEROHOUZ is Avideh’s ongoing project to transform her century-old house into an all-electric, emissions-free home. Built in 1922 in Signal Hill, California, her centennial house currently holds several gas appliances, including a gas stove. Avideh decided to make the switch from gas to electric because, in her words, “it’s important for everybody to know that there is a healthier, better way of living.”

In her journey to becoming a zero-emissions homeowner, Avideh is switching out appliances to reduce emissions. She is also taking additional action around the house, such as rethinking her garden space to minimize water usage. Her Instagram and Facebook pages share her progress and serve as great resources for others interested in electrifying their homes.

Why is Avideh electrifying her home?

Avideh is looking for a cleaner and healthier home, and gas appliances don’t help this goal. They emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (among other greenhouse gasses) directly into the air. Since these appliances are found in your homes and kitchens, the gasses mix into the air you breathe. Additionally, they affect more than just your health. According to the American Gas Association, methane from the natural gas systems is responsible for 2.7 % of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

“It’s a little scary to know that we’ve been living with this inside our homes when we are supposed to have a clean, healthy environment,” says Avideh. Discovering the actual effects of gas appliances motivated her to find a healthier alternative for herself and the planet.

Going Electric

Home electrification refers to replacing gas powered appliances in your home with their electric powered counterparts. Candidates for electrification include water heaters, stoves, space heating systems and laundry dryers. Since these are used frequently in many homes, replacing them with lower-emissions alternatives can positively affect household air quality and climate. Studies find that many people can save money by switching to electric appliances in the long run, especially since rebates are increasingly available in many areas.

While going electric can seem time-consuming and complex, finding the right contractor can make your experience more efficient and straightforward. The Switch is On can help you connect with local approved contractors in your area (when available) and provide you with resources throughout your electrification process. Like Avideh, you can start creating a healthier and safer way of living.