Electric vehicles

For many of us, vehicles are such an integral part of our lives that they’ve earned their own room within our homes; the garage! So when we think about getting fossil fuels out of our homes, it’s logical to think next about getting them out of our cars. 

EV owners, heat pump owners, and induction stove owners often share a similar sentiment when it comes to user experience; it is just more fun! 

If your home is all-electric already, it is natural to want the power and joy of electric power to apply to your vehicle as well. Charging can be done using a 110v plug (albeit slowly), a 220v plug (maybe shared with a nearby dryer if you have electric panel constraints), or with an installed fast charger. 

The first step to thinking about charging at home is to look at your electric panel; does it have enough space for a dedicated charger, or do you need to share it with another appliance? Then consider how fast you need to charge; if you don’t drive every day, or only drive short distances, maybe a level 2 (fast) charger isn’t needed. Understanding your needs will help you prioritize your EV in relation to the rest of your electric appliances. 

If you already have an EV, then you know how fun and convenient electric power is. Imagine this same life enhancement applied to your HVAC system, your water heating system, your clothes dryer, and even your cooking!

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