Tips for Making the Most of Your TECH Clean California Participation

TECH Clean California is an opportunity for contractors to expand their businesses, increase technology capacity and serve their communities by lowering carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning appliances. In parts of California with poor air quality, this can have a profound effect on the health of the families your community.

Creating jobs by replacing old equipment with the best heating technology available today is a win for everyone. 


In the Marketing Materials section you’ll find logos for you website.

  • Mention on our website that you’re a TECH Clean California contractor and show up search engines for customers looking for you.
  • Be sure to list Heat Pumps and/or Heat Pump Water Heaters on your website services menu. You’d be surprised at how many customers are already searching for contractors who can install heat pumps.
  • Don’t forget to build your own co-branded materials for exhibiting at Home Shows or County Fairs. County Fairs are an excellent venue for reaching large numbers of customers, especially the more rural counties.


TECH has gathered some of the best training materials for FREE, that your company could want. Trainings from NCI, Heat Pump Nation, and Electrify My Home. Manufacturers have also contributed trainings to up your game. Don’t pass up these fantastic resources that set you apart from your competitors (did we mention they are FREE?) 


The ability to layer incentives with local programs creates a great opportunity for contractors to partner and increase scopes.

  • Is there a local incentive for insulation? Partner up and sell bigger jobs.
  • If you’re an HVAC installer and can partner with a Heat Pump Water Heater installer, work with your local CCA to find customers who are ready to go all-in on heat pumps.
  • Partner with a solar installer to add heat pumps to a solar installation job, you’ll be doing that customer a favor by powering their space and water heating with the new panels.