Frequently asked questions and answers to them

TECH Clean California will send the incentive check to the contractor. There may be instances where the incentive is being layered with another program, such as a utility-sponsored program, which provides incentives to the customer. In that case, one check will be sent from TECH to the contractor and the other will be sent from the utility to the customer.

The TECH Clean California check is sent via paper check. We will be able to send checks via ACH soon!

Checks are sent 2 weeks after an Iris application is successfully submitted (as displayed by Iris upon submission via the green flag icon).

For Heat Pump HVAC, the limit is two units per application. For a Multifamily project, there is a limit of $3m per contractor or property owner.

A given customer can collect all incentive types as long as each meets the requirements. Example: a home that undergoes a remodel and gets a new HPWH, HP HVAC, and panel upgrade can potentially get up to $10,000 in incentives. There are limits on quantity though: HVAC HPs are limited to 2 per household. This is based on the number of units installed, not the number replaced.

Incentive reservations are needed only for multifamily incentives. A TECH Multifamily Reservation Form can be found at https://energy-solution.com/tech-incentives/multifamily/.

As long as a contractor has completed enrollment, applications for eligible projects can be submitted retroactively for installations dating back to the date the TPPA was signed.