Touring an All-Electric Home: A Renter’s Guide to Decarb-Friendly Living

Laundry is a must, but it’s also literally the worst, but that story is a little bit different in an all-electric home.

Noah Cordoba

All-Electric Benefits for Renters!

Exploring Induction Cooking Options

Join Noah Cordoba, Senior Policy Associate  (BDC), renter and all-electric home enthusiast, as he tours an apartment showing options for renters in sustainable living. He highlights the kitchen, where an induction range takes center stage. Using magnetism, induction ranges like this heat cookware directly, making it safer and cooler for the kitchen environment. These come in various configurations – full-sized, counter-installed, or portable units – with either traditional knobs or sleek, touch-sensitive controls integrated into the glass.

Healthy Air, Happy Home

Noah appreciates the absence of harmful air pollutants, which is typical with gas stoves, since there’s no combustion with induction cooking. The reduced need for ventilation (though still important) is another plus, and cleaning is a simple wipe across the surface!

Efficient Home Climate Control

Moving beyond the kitchen, Noah shows off a heat pump that elegantly handles both home heating and cooling, operating efficiently by transferring energy rather than generating it. Its ductless design is well-suited for homes without traditional ductwork.

Revolutionizing Laundry Day

In the laundry area, Noah points out a heat pump washer-dryer combo that simplifies the chore with its all-in-one, ventless system, which avoids gas piping and offers a tidier solution. The heat pump technology used in these appliances is similar to refrigerators, which transfers heat from inside to outside—highly efficient and convenient.To learn more about making your home healthier and more energy-efficient visit The Switch Is On and check out our Incentive Finder to learn more about affordably electrifying your home.