Heat Pumps Take Center Stage At HVAC Convention

Published: March 3, 2023

The sky is the limit for new heat pump technology.

During the 2023 AHR Expo in Atlanta this past February, BDC staff got the chance to explore new heat pump technologies and meet innovators in the space. The team was able to  see first hand the result of hard work from engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who are transitioning the market toward electrification technology. 

The Expo was a great reflection of the overall shift towards heat pump technology happening across the US. Last year was the first time that heat pump shipments outpaced gas furnaces, and that momentum was on full display at the conference. Nearly all of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) presented at least one heat pump model and had staff on hand eager to discuss the technology with skeptics and enthusiasts alike. The pace and breadth of technology arriving in the next year includes impressive new systems from virtually every OEM, even from traditional fossil fuel equipment vendors.

Thanks to The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), in which upgrades to heat pumps for heating/cooling and heat pump water heaters are eligible for a tax credit of up to $2,000/year, this is the perfect, cost-effective time to make the switch to electric.

Annual shipments of heat pumps from 2012 – 2022, according to the Building Decarbonization Coalition report, Innovation Acceleration.