Electric Grills


Propane or charcoal grills are high in cultural relevance and cost, but lacking in safety, accuracy, and convenience. Choosing an electric grill for your culinary needs and backyard barbeques will reduce your carbon footprint while still allowing you to get your steaks and other meats just how you like them.

How Electric Grills Work

Electric grills do not utilize open flames to cook food, which does away with the need for fossil fuels like propane, natural gas, or coal. Electric grills can use both infrared radiant heat and conductive heat, broadening your options for types of electric grills to use in your home. 

Infrared Grills

Infrared grills use electricity to superheat a heating element at close range to the grill surface. This allows the meat to reach high temperatures quickly. It’s great for searing!

Electric Resistance Grills

Electric resistance grills use a heating element inside  a large cooking surface. This is similar to how a griddle works. It can achieve extremely accurate temperatures and evenly distribute heat.

Benefits of Electric Grills

There are many benefits to switching to an electric grill that other types of grill simply cannot offer, including:

Safer Operation

There is no open flame with electric grills, which greatly reduces the risk of fire, and does away with the carbon monoxide that is a byproduct of combustion, providing a safer and healthier cooking experience.

More Accurate Temperatures

With an electric grill, heat is distributed more evenly and accurately to give you more control over how you cook your food.

Less Smoke

Electric grills do not create smoke, since there is no combustion and  no flames. No smoke means fewer pollution particles in your lungs and eyes, while you’re grilling!

More Convenient

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of going to start the grill, only to find out you are out of gas? Electric grills do not require any refilling — just plug in and start grilling! It’s so easy!

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